Ira Guy Tracy was born the first child of Timothy and Helen Tracy on November 7, 1862 in Dixon, Illinois. He was brought to Ray County, Missouri by his parents in 1862 or 1863. Ira's father, Timothy, was born in Plainfield, NH October 18, 1823 and married Helen Josephine Van Velete November 1, 1861 in Dixon, IL. Timothy was a carpenter and Ira grew up with him in that trade.

Sarah Melinda Tracy was born the third child of William and Elvira Martin on January 6, 1869 in Ray County, Missouri. She grew up and went to school in Ray County. She met Ira and they were married on November 11, 1886. To this union, sixteen children were born.

Child Birth Death Info
Lora May 11-17-1887 11-22-1887 Died as an infant
Jessie Ellen 11-12-1888 06-01-1906 Accidently shot and killed
Arvil Guy 11-01-1889 07-14-1949 Killed in a tractor accident
Oscar Earl 06-22-1891 06-20-1981 Lived a normal life span
James Henry 04-10-1892 10-23-1980 Lived a normal life span
William McKinley 04-15-1895 01-14-1937 Killed in a coal mine cave in
Charlie Harry 10-01-1896 90-20-1911 Died of Typhoid
Nellie Pearl 02-27-1898 10-18-1953 Killed in a car wreck
Ray Otis 11-14-1889 10-26-1993 Lived a normal life span
Clyde Franklin 01-24-1902 06-04-1988 Lived a normal life span
Mary Viola 12-29-1904 10-13-1913 Died of Diptheria
Everett Joseph 12-26-1905 03-28-1906 Died as an infant
Fredrick Walter 04-18-1907 12-14-1980 Lived a normal life span
Leota Namomi 12-06-1908 01-09-1909 Died as an infant
Della Opal 01-03-1910 02-28-2004 Lived a normal life span
Stella Frances 10-26-1911 01-09-1948 Died young of cancer

Soon after Ira and Sarah were married, they started farming in Ray County, north of Hardin, Missouri. In those days, farming was done by animal power, so the amount of land a man could farm was limited by the amount of help he had. As can be seen by the list above, Ira soon had plenty of help and his family prospered in the early 20th century. Ira was also a county politician. As a delegate from Ray County, he rode a horse from Hardin, Missouri, to St. Louis, Missouri, about 275 miles, to be called on stage to shake hands with the President of the United States, William McKinley, in 1897.

The advantages of a large family starts to diminish when the children start growing up and leaving home or taking pieces of land from the farm to start a family of their own. There were stories that when the Tracy boys reached manhood, Ira gave each a new buggy and a team of trotting horses to go courting in. However, Fred said by the time he reached manhood, the money was gone and he never got his horses and buggy.

In the early 1930's, Ira and Sarah retired from the farm and moved to Richmond, Missouri and lived there until he passed away on November 9, 1936. Ira was 74 years old. After Ira's death, Sarah lived with her daughter, Stella, in Richmond until Stella passed away in 1948. Sarah then lived with her daughter, Della, in the Carrollton, Missouri area until her death on May 2, 1956. Sarah was 87 years old.

Ira, Sarah and five of their children - Everett, Jessie, Charlie, Leota and Mary - were all buried in the Hardin Cemetery. During the 1993 flood, their section of the cemetery was completely washed away. No headstones or remains of these members of the Tracy family were ever recovered. A memorial was built to honor the people whose remains were lost and all seven members of the Tracy family are listed on this memorial


Descendants of Ira Guy TRACY

1 Ira Guy TRACY b: 07 Nov 1862 in Dixon, IL d: 09 Nov 1936 in Ray County, MO
..+Sarah Milinda MARTIN b: 06 Jan 1869 m: 04 Nov 1886 d: 02 Mar 1956
....2 Lora Mae TRACY b: 17 Nov 1887 in Ray County, MO d: 22 Nov 1887 in Plymouth, MO
....2 Jessie Ellen TRACY b: 12 Nov 1888 in Plymouth, MO d: 01 Jun 1906 in Hardin, MO
....2 Arvil Guy TRACY b: 01 Nov 1889 in Hardin, MO d: 14 Jul 1949
........+Effie Mae O'DELL b: 07 Sep 1892 m: 12 Nov 1911 d: 17 May 1982
....2 Oscar Earl TRACY b: 22 Jun 1891 in Hardin, MO d: Unknown
........+Lillian WATKINS m: 1945
....2 James Henry TRACY b: 10 Apr 1893 in Hardin, MO d: 23 Oct 1980
........+Lula CLARK b: 03 Jul 1893 m: 1912 d: 17 Jan 1981
....2 William McKinley TRACY b: 15 Apr 1895 in Hardin, MO d: 14 Jan 1937 in Corder, MO
........+Amie Viola RYAN b: 03 Oct 1895 m: 08 Feb 1912 d: 19 Jan 1981 in Waverly, MO
....2 Charlie Harry TRACY b: 01 Oct 1896 in Hardin, MO d: 20 Sep 1911 in Hardin, MO
....2 [1] Nellie Pearl TRACY b: 27 Feb 1898 in Hardin, MO d: 18 Oct 1953
........+Wilbur Wesley STRATTON b: 27 Oct 1895 m: 1913 d: 29 Dec 1956
....*2nd Husband of [1] Nellie Pearl TRACY:
........+Cecil EUBANK b: 29 Jun 1900 m: 31 Oct 1937 d: 18 Oct 1953
....2 [2] Ray Otis TRACY b: 14 Nov 1899 in Hardin, MO d: Unknown
........+May d: Unknown in Bancroft, NE
....*2nd Wife of [2] Ray Otis TRACY:
........+Esther JUNG m: Abt. 1935 d: in Higginsville, MO
....2 Clyde Franklin TRACY b: 24 Jan 1902 in Hardin, MO d: Unknown
........+Eva O'DELL b: 07 Jun 1908 m: 08 Jun 1929 d: 12 May 1964
....2 Mary Viola TRACY b: 29 Dec 1904 in Hardin, MO d: 1914 in Hardin, MO
....2 Everett Joseph TRACY b: 26 Dec 1905 in Hardin, MO d: 28 Mar 1906 in Hardin, MO
....2 Fredrick Walter TRACY b: 18 Apr 1907 in Hardin, MO d: 14 Dec 1980
........+Ruth Ellen RAFFERTY b: 19 Jul 1903 m: 22 Nov 1924
....2 Leota Naomi TRACY b: 06 Dec 1908 in Hardin, MO d: 09 Jan 1909 in Hardin, MO
....2 Della Opal TRACY b: 03 Jan 1910 in Ray County, MO d: 28 Feb 2004
........+Joseph Pitman O'DELL b: 20 Feb 1903 in Ray County, MO m: 05 Apr 1926 in Lexington, MO d: 06 Dec 1997
....2 Stella Frances TRACY b: 26 Oct 1911 in Hardin, MO d: 09 Jan 1948 in St. Joseph, MO
........+Thomas HUEY m: 1931

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