Patrick Peter SMALL and Betty RODGERS

Descendants of Patrick Peter SMALL

1 Patrick Peter SMALL b: 30 Jan 1782 in Clunie, Perthshire, Scotland d: 28 Dec 1866 in Mill Hill Farm, Perthshire, Scotland
.. +Betty RODGERS b: 24 Aug 1802 in Liff, Forfarshire, Scotland d: Nov 1823 in Kingoudie (Dargie), Perthshire, Scotland
.... 2 William SMALL b: 02 Mar 1819 in Longforgan, Perthshire, Scotland d: 25 Jun 1899 in Shade Township, Somerset County, PA
........ +Adaline LAMBERT b: 21 Oct 1830 in Buckstown, Somerset County, PA m: 1845 in Reels Corner, Somerset County, PA d: 28 Mar 1877 in Shade Township, Somerset County, PA
*2nd Wife of Patrick Peter Small:
.. +Isabel RATTRAY
.... 2 Ann Augusta SMALL
........ +John MCLAREN
.... 2 Isabella Rattray SMALL
.... 2 SMALL

This record is to be found at the Register House. Edinboro, Scotland - (Library ref. #77)

March 14, 1819 Longforgan Kirk Session Record

The Kirk Session having met, and being enstituted by prayer, all members present, appeared Elizabeth Roger, an unmarried woman in the parish of Liff, who voluntarily and judicially confessed that she had brought forth child about a fortnight ago, and that Peter Small, coachman at Castle Huntly was the father of said child - that she was at Kin Fauns sometime before the child was begotten and saw the said Peter there, who desired her to come to Forgan Market, and he would pay her fare - that she accordingly came to said Market, which was in June last, and met him there. That when he was conveying her home, they went into Fer Park and he was guilty with her there - and that the sun was set at the time. She was exhorted to tell nothing but the truth; to which she replied that she had done so.

The said Peter Small being at the door, was called in, and the woman's accusation being read over to him, he denied that he was ever guilty with her, but ackowledged that he went into the Park with her, at the time before mentioned, and attempted her chasity but she resisted him, and would not let him have any carnal connection with her; that he gave her two shillings and some sweeties, and offered her another two shillings if she would allow him the use of her body, which she refused - the woman persisting in accusing him as the father her child, and he still denying. The session dismissed them, and summoned them to attend next Lord's day (to take responsibility for his actions.

March 22, 1819 (page 127) Note - Small and Roger did not attend the session last Lord's day, on account of Small having settled with the woman for the child and thus acknowledging himself the father of it.

March 28, 1819 Peter Small was rebuked for his sin of fornication with Elizabeth Roger and absolced from the scandal.

April 11, 1819 (page 128) The Session being constituted appeared Elizabeth Roger and was rebuked for her sin of fornication with Peter Small, and absolved from the scandal. Note - her penalty is included in what the man paid.

May 10, 1819 Peter Small paid 1 shilling for seat rent in the kirk.

August 2, 1819 (page 138) To marriage pawns from Peter Small and Isobell Rattray 3 shillings 6 pence.

Members of the session: Col. George Paterson, Esq. of Castle Huntly
                        Mr. John Mather, for Rt. Hon. Lord Kinnaird
                        Mr. Thomas Drum, of Newton
                        Rev. Adam Cairns, minister
                        Peter Forbes, Elder

OPR Longforgan:   March.
Peter Small Coachman in Castle Huntly and his partner Elizabeth Roger, had a natural child born on the 2nd day of March 1819, baptised on the 4th Day of April thereafter and named William Small. 

OPR Longforgan - Small:Rattray

Peter Small, coachman in Castle Huntly and Isobel Rattray, lawful daughter of James Rattray, Fuer in Errol, being both in this Parish were proclaimed pro. 1st, 2nd, 3rd, et ult. July 25th 1819.

1841 Census:  Longforgan.
Peter Small     Publican    Age 57
Isabela            Wife           Age 37
Augusta           Dau.          Age 15
Isabela            Dau.          Age 15
Ann McCash Servant       Age  15 
States that all were born in this County (Perthshire)

1851 Census:  Longforgan,  Book 1, Enum.49
Peter Small     Head  Married  Age 67 Born, Perthshire Clunie
Isabell             Wife   Married  Age 51 Born, Perthshire Inchture
Isabell             Dau     Unm.      Age 25 Born, Perthshire Longforgan
Jean Nevin     Servant  Un.     Age 20 (Manse Servant)  Perths. Kettins
Jane Phillips   Servant  Un.     Age 15  Servant, Born Longforgan.

1861 Census:  Longforgan, Book 1, Enum 49 Public House.
Peter Small     Head  Married  Innkeeper   Age 77  Born Clunie
Isabell             Wife    Married  Inkeeper's wife  Age 60 Born Inchture
Isabell             Dau.   Unmar.   Inkeeper's dau.  Age 34 Born Longf. 
Ann Smitten? Dom. Ser. Un.  Domestic Ser.     Age 21 Born Kinnaird

ALSO;  1851 Census for Mill Hill Farm:
The farm was being farmed by John McLaren, Married Age 36 (Farmer of 300 acres) Born, Perthshire, Caputh, with 10 labourers.  Again, on the 1861 census. 

Memorial Inscriptions for Longforgan:
Could not find a stone for Peter Small and Isobel Rattray, but found this, which might well tie in with the family:

PO.2  "Isabella Small, their daughter who died 27th April, 1891"
The stone is badly eroded, triangular stone, as shield and arms.

Perhaps this was Peter and Isobel's grave. 

Also found on the 1881 Census for Dundee:
Dundee Lunatic Asylum:
Isabella Small   Unmarried Age 58, born Longforgan, Patient/Lunatic

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