James E. Davis

James E. Davis was one of 8 children of Joshua Davis and Leah Still or Stitt Davis. Joshua was born (1788) somewhere in Maryland and married Leah who was born (1807) in Kentucky. They lived for awhile in Nicholas County KY, which may be near Lexington KY where five of their eight children were born, three sons and five daughters. About 1833 the family moved by land and river to southern Illinois where Joshua rented some land for a time and in 1852 homesteaded in Shelby County IL, just a bit south of Decatur IL. The youngest of Joshua's sons (John H Davis) died, without having children, in the Civil War Battle of Chickamaugua in northwestern Georgia. Hugh A Davis was the third child of the eight and a younger brother to James. Hugh apparently stayed in the area and had a large family with at least five sons. One would need to go back to Shelbyville to do more research on his family.

James E Davis, the oldest of the three sons, had two sons of his own, John Harrison Davis and George S Davis.

John Harrison Davis married later in life and had earned a living for a time as a horse trader, taking draft stock to Kansas. He settled there for a time in a small town west of Witchita KS. They lost the farm after several dry years and intended to stop near Avalon MO as the headed back to Illinois. The reason to stop near Avalon was that Ida (his wife, Ida F. Hines) had family living there. They stayed in the area and after Ida died he married Audrey Francis Myrtle Beever.

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